Our Leadership

Our leaders are passionate industry experts. We don’t have fancy offices or long-winded titles, but we do have laughter and humility in spades. We bring deep experience in our respective fields and plenty of ideas about areas we know nothing about!

Mac Harman


Caroline Tuan

COO & Brand Steward

Kristen Gasior

Chief Marketing Officer & Head of eCommerce

Mike Rockwood

Chief Financial Officer

Claire Magat

Chief People Officer & Head of Growth

Jen Derry

EVP of Product Merchandising

Nat Roland

EVP, Legal & Regulatory and General Counsel

Mike Shaughnessy

SVP of Operations, Supply Chain, & Emerging Markets

Erin Chow

VP of People

Pablo Diaz

VP of International

Jennifer Howard

VP of eCommerce

Bernie Leas

VP of Operations

Ganesh Muthukrishnan

VP of Growth

Rianna Stoll

VP of Program Management

Mike Rokovich

Director of Data Insights

Regional Directors

Kat Pamatian

Director of Marketing

Joanne Litiatco

Chief of Staff, ROHQ

The Balsam Brandits

Our team talent means everything to us—it shapes who we are and how we work. As we’ve grown, we have prioritized finding smart, passionate people who uphold our values and are fun to be around. We make no exceptions to this rule.

We are all different and yet united. Meet some of our team members below and see what makes them tick:

Robert Taniguchi

Robert's passion in data-centricity is rivaled only by his love for building robots and D&D adventures.

Emma Keane

By day, Emma's our localization maestro; at night she bakes to the sweet sound of 40's and 50's jazz.

Davin Chang

Davin is a product sourcer and music geek. When he's not visiting factories, you can find him at a concert.

Joshua Falco

Joshua is a self-proclaimed Minister of Design. He bakes pictures, seasons them with creativity and serves 'em "hot".

Priscilla Spicer

When she’s not handling floral and greenery samples at work, Priscilla is taking care of her 65 (and counting) real indoor plants at home.

Joyce Lin

Apart from managing websites, Joyce enjoys her Instagram feed of cute animal photos and trending #WabbitAdventures.

Chris Arias

Chris is part of the Performance Marketing team. He is a man of few words and he only speaks when he is asleep.

Krystiana Dela Cuadra

A Jack of All Trades in the office and in photo shoots, Krystiana's obsessions include working out and collecting Nutcrackers.

Judy Keosaksith

Just as she looks forward to the start of a new design project, Judy eagerly anticipates the start of each new day armed with caffeine and laughter.

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Ginyn Cadavillo

Content marketing, writing, and mommy/wifey duties keep Ginyn busy. To rest, she bakes or escapes to K-drama land.

Terry Shanley

Terry has a “healthy” obsession with warehousing and buying new shoes. When not cycling or running around Ireland, Terry loves working on all things operations, especially optimization of projects.

Nikki Fernandez

Nikki's passion for customer service is only rivaled by her passion for adding to her extensive lipstick collection.

Nichole Santa Maria

By day, Nichole oversees all of our performance marketing efforts. By night, you can find her binging all of the latest Hallmark Christmas movies.

Jaye Munar

Jaye loves swimming in the sea of orders. As a MedTech student, he watches classes on YouTube and avoids textbooks.

Jen Couch

You can catch Jen chasing squirrels organically via online marketing, mountain trails, golf courses, the ski slopes, or possibly at a DMB concert.

Lindsay Andrysiak

While Lindsay is at home pouring over financials, she is equally at home at a BSU tailgate or a day on the lake.

Annie Valdez

Annie’s love for cats has gone as far as starting her own brand of cat accessories. She also goes to places dressed up as a t-rex on random days.

Jason Green

While Jason is hard at work in Operations, he is also working his way through the assortment of Balsam provided snacks!

Karen Navarro

Karen knows how to keep customers engaged. At home, she relaxes by whipping delicious meals for her family.

A Growing Team

Balsam has offices worldwide, stretching from our original location in California's Bay Area all the way to the Philippines. We like using work as an excuse to travel to cool new places, so expect to see more cities pop up on this map as we grow!

Boise, Idaho
Dublin, Ireland
Manila, Philipines
Redwood City, CA


Company Trip to Hawaii

Fun in the sun

Balsam is known for taking company trips to the Hawaiian Islands. Families are invited and there is no work allowed, only bonding on the beach, the pool and out to eat at great local eateries. We’ve hit Maui, Oahu and the Big Island. Where to next?

Zoom meeting

Global Team

Balsam team members don't let physical distance stop us from building connection. We meet regularly using video technology, and work across our global geographies daily.

Office Ping Pong

Games we play

Our office comes alive daily with friendly games of foosball and—occasionally intense—ping pong. We always have a jigsaw puzzles going, for when we need a mental break.

I just wait for the awkward pause and then I know it's me.

— Mike

We Celebrate Individuality

We’re always looking for talented and fun individuals to join our team.

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We Celebrate Individuality

We’re always looking for talented and fun individuals to join our team.

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